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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update: 1968 Suzuki 50cc Grand Prix Roadracer, the RP68, a 3-cylinder 50cc engine pics.

Update: From the comments. Thanks! COOL LINK and HERE TOO

In response to my small CC Suzuki racebike post Bill Thomas sent in some info and a link about this amazing little Suzuki engine.
Bill Writes:
There was a 50cc Suzuki several years ago, a three-cylinder two-stroke (naturally) with 14 speeds and 22 hp at a zillion rpm, or something like that. Nothing the Europeans had was anything close. Not sure that it ever competed. This changed the rules, gearboxes were limited to four or five speeds, and only single-cylinders were allowed. Yes, Cycle World had a story on it, and photos of the engine internals – three little tiny pistons hanging out of the cases.

Thanks Much for the cool info!

He included a link that had these amazing photos and info:

This is a 1968 Suzuki 50cc Grand Prix Roadracer, the RP68, a 3-cylinder 50cc bike. They changed the rules, restricting the 50cc class to 1 cylinder, before it could race. (There were 5 cyl 125's and the like as well before the rule change.)


Jerry Smith said...

Your post mentioned a link, but I didn't see one. I think I know where these pics came from, though. Try:

Lots of other rare pics there, too. Gotta love those tiny two-strokes.

Anonymous said...

There's some color pics here Steve,

Frank B