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Monday, November 23, 2009

Paton 500cc 2-stroke updated "replica"(ish) racebike

I ... I... I don't have the words...

Caption from Motorcycle Daily:
Ever felt the need to swing a leg over a raw and brutal 500cc, 180 HP two stroke GP racer? Paton used to run a private effort in the 90’s against the might of the Big four, in 500 GP. But unlike NSR500’s and YZR500’s, new replicas of the amazing Paton are still made in Italy by the son of Giuseppe Pattoni, the Paton’s founder. Not for the meek.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gobsmackingly nice Aprilia / Yamaha Hybrid.

A Yamaha RZ350 engine in an an Aprilia RS250 chassis. WOW! And street legal (in Canada anyway). Very nicely done!

Friday, November 20, 2009

TZ fest..

Posted by RGB500 over on the USA2strokers board. Sawwwweeet stuff!

G model

D model

U Model

J model

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Honda Racing Porn courtesy of Mike "Stu" Stuhler! Garry McCoy's Honda NSR500V Big Twin

Mike "Stu" Stuhler of the always excellent StuShots just dropped these awesome pics of Garry McCoy's Honda NSR500V on me. Mike I'm pretty sure I missed them the first go around. Thanks very much for re-sending them!

Mike Writes:

Hey Steve!

Here are some shots I took again over at Mid Ohio in '07 of
Garry McCoy's Honda NSR500V Big Twin as it was on display,
and on sale, in the paddock area.
As the links attached show, this was as it was in the trim
as he raced it in the Australian GP in late '98 and 8 other
rounds that year per the 3rd link on his bio. From the
sign on the bike you can see they did spell his name wrong,
but I still would suspect that this is the real deal.
I have been wrong before, though! HA! I did find
a shot of the orig on Google search and it sure looks the
real deal! Nonetheless it is a sweet looking ride and I hope
you enjoy it!
This guy was such a pleasure to watch, and he always did
the best rolling spins in the corner and in the 500 era he
would just hammer them. It probably isn't too hard to
find vids of him on YouTube with a little work!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Radical Stretched Kawasaki H2

While it's not exactly my cup of tea there's still a lot of quality fabrication work in this custom.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1930 Scott 2 speed 600cc NTR "Sports Squirrel" restoration!

From the Kawi Triples Board. Lots of Google info available on these really cool bikes.

The Before Pic

Just Noticed!!! 50,000 HITS!!!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by! I'm having a blast! Hope you are too! And remember if you've got any cool bike pics / build pics / before and after shots or stories or 2-Stroke WHATEVER send them in and I'll be happy to help you show them off!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

David From Spain sends in these great pictures of his neighbors custom Yamaha / Aprilla racebike!

David Writes:

Hi Steve ,

My name is David, I'm from Spain. I´m following your blog a few months ago and I like it a lot. I send you a pair of pics of my neighbour´s bike. It´s a RD 350 LC engine intro a RGV 205 frame,with Kawa 636 R front end,GSX rear end and Honda fairing. He only rides in circuits and it is very fast.
Sorry for my English.

David Your English is excellent! You also speak the language of "motorcycle" very well! thank you for the great pictures! That's a fantastic build!