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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nicely modified Yamaha RZ500.. pRon!

SteveF over on the 2strokeworld message board posted up this stunner. From that post:
My modified RZ 500 I purchased this bike new in 85. I did some mods recently 2011 R6 front, 2008 R6 rear, marchesini wheels,Brembo’s front and rear, 28mm Flatslide carbs, JL pipes

Cool build from Brazil!

I love it! Thaks Rossi! Proof that it you don't need big bucks to build cool bikes!
Hi, In Brazil we have a Yamaha RX 180 custom 2 stroke modified to café racer. I access your blog every day. Very good, congratulations. Thanks, Rossi Fernando

The before photo!
The build pics!