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Friday, October 29, 2010

Reader Submittal. Wicked Landspeed Kawasaki Triple... and a hell of a trip.

From Travis Lawson:

So I just got done with a 5195 mile, 39 day adventure a few days ago. I rode my barely street legal 2001 XR400R from Durango CO to Portland OR then south to giant redwoods in Nor-Cal. From there to Reno, Las Vegas, all across AZ, NM and back to my home on the TX Gulf Coast. 2400 or so miles were done entirely off road on old obscure routes and Jeep trails.

I spent a couple days in Bonneville for Speed Week and took some great video and a couple of pictures of a really great guy from Woodland Park, CO named David Doubleday. He owns D&S Motorcycle and has campaigned an H2 he built himself at Bonneville for a few years now. This guy is fast! And all things considered he could be even faster with some more tweaking. This is one very fine example of a well built machine. The frame is a modded H2 with an FZR600 swinger, fork, wheels and brakes. The shock took days to set up but for the purpose of doing the "Ton" in a straight line it works great.  I think he told me it came off a Honda CBR. The tank is a Yamaha MX175 and fits very well. By the way this bike is street legal and plated and he does ride it regularly, but I bet it draws quite a crowd just tooling around town with stingers. Check it out!

I can't remember exactly his fastest times but I do know he broke 126 mph in the one mile course.

Later Travis

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bumped up for UPDATE: : Stunner of an RD with ultra rare Webco Heads.

UPDATE and EXTRA Pics!  Got some great info from the builder of this beauty!

Here is another set of pics of a bike we are proud of.
This is a 1973 Yamaha RD350.  It has Motocarrera pipes, Webco Heads, Benelli Gas Tank, Custom Seat and Front Fender, and all the work was done by Jeff and myself.
J&B Moto Co.

 More Pics:

I'm pretty sure I posted another pic of this bike a while ago but can't track it down at the moment. Those Ducati Mojave tanks sure do agree with the lines of an RD.

UPDATE: Wicked TZR!!

UPDATE: Jeff sent in some info on the build along with pics of another build (see next post).  Thanks Much!
It has a freshly rebuilt engine, tore down to the frame. The frame has been molded and repainted in satin black.  It has a custom made seat section.  And custom painted to resemble the 2005 Yamaha GP bike.  It is street legal.
All the work was done by my business partner, Jeff and myself.
Here is another set of pics of a bike we are proud of.
This is a 1973 Yamaha RD350.  It has Motocarrera pipes, Webco Heads, Benelli Gas Tank, Custom Seat and Front Fender, and all the work was done by Jeff and myself.
J&B Moto Co.

Jeff Metz sent in the bauty:
I just wanted to share my 1991 TZR 3XV with you.
Enjoyed your website!
J&B Moto Co.
Wrightsville, PA

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reader Ride. Land Speed Record Holding RD400

Mark Atkinson who also sent in this bike included a few pics of a fairly well know bike in the Yamaha 2-stroke circles.

The landspeed bike is mine. Ed Erlenbach built it originally, and has three records with it. The picture I sent you is the bikes first time at the salt flats. I never was able to make a pass under full power as it got hot. I am working on a system to keep it cool right now so next year I hope to break some records. The last time Ed had it on the dyno it made a little more than 100 HP, and it feels like it. It is magical when it comes on the pipe about 10,000 rpm. Unreal! I will send you another pic of some more of my smokers.

Thanks Mark that's outstanding.  I always wondered what happenned to Ed's bike after he got out of the 2-stroke game.
Ha!  Funny to see this pic from Murph!  He's been camped out in Bonneville and posting up a storm over on his blog for a while now.  Great Guy.  Check him out!

Reader Ride. An Unusual RD350LC From Sweden.

Jan Xeres Writes in:

OK, you asked for it! Enclosed are som pics of my RD.

First is the RD as it looks when it is in standard clothes. Then with a tank and seat unit that I bought from England but had to redo! It was meant to cover the standard tank but I discovered that it would just grind the paint down so I decided to build a bottom half of the tank. It is now made out of glass fibers and carbon fibers. I covered the whole unit with a 200g/sqm carbon fiber weave. The expansion chambers are from Nikkon. I made some carbon fiber silencers as well but I think the original aluminum ones look better...

Have a good one!


Oh, yeah I'm from Eslov in Sweden...

Reader Ride. Nice Piar of Repli-Racers.

Keith Montgomery sendt in a bunch of pics including these nice Aprilia and Honda Repli Racers

1996 Aprilia RS250 "Reggianni" colors- one of my all time favorite bikes to own and ride.

1993 NSR250 SP

Nice shop too..

1978 YZ400 Landspeed Racer!

That is just bad-ass!

Quick and dirty courtesy of

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reader Ride. Cool old CZ From The Czech Republic.

James From Czechoslovak sends in his oldschool  CZ 175 1962 dirtbike.

He writes in:
Hi, my name is James and I come from the Czech Republic. I love old bikes and retro style. I prefer motorcycles manufactured in Czechoslovakia (Jawa, CZ). I really like your site. Every day, like watching pictures of bikes all over the world. I decided to also donate their bike. Not original, but built of scrap to ride the terrain around my home.

This is my CZ 175 Type 450 of 1962, adjusted for oldschool dirt bike. He has lots of adjustments for off-road driving. The engine has increased power from 10hp to 15hp, weight is + / - 100kg

I love the old Jawa/CZ.  Some of the best looking engines built and they go like mad!  Still miss my old CZ250 dirtbike.  Scary scary motorcycle but oh so fun!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Reader Ride. Stunner of an RZ350

Jim Arellanes writes in:

This is a 2stroke world recent build by 2 smoker, hope its worthy enough.

Oh HELL yeah! Georgous!

Update: The 2 Stroke World BOTM winner!

Update:  For those of you who were asking, I found the build thread HERE

Beautiful!  More Here

I didn't build the bike but to answer the question from the comments:  The tank is from a Ducati 36 Mojave.  They are all over e-bay and very common.  The pipes look to be SpecII.  The seat  I'm not sure but check Airtech or Glass from the past.  The wheels look stock but were powdercoated black  The engine cases are just striped and polished Looks like clubman bars stock repainted  light.  No oil tank visible so it's probably premix.  Old style moto carrera rearsets now available at Economy cycle or HVCC  not sure wich exactly (see my vendor links).  Shocks look to be Works.  It's an old school fork brace available on e-bay from time to time.  braided brake lines. and look to be BT45 tires.   Gauges are the small chrome aftermarket ones ye see all over.  Check Mike's XS for a good selection.  None of this is "off the wall".  It really wouldn't be  a very difficult bike t build with some patience and $$. But it would be very satisfying in deed.

Hope that helps.

Reader Ride. Fun looking RD350...

Sweet Ride!
Thanks To Mark Atkinson who also sent in the Landspeed Bike!

Inverted RD.

Saw this over on Ottenoro blog.  You hear a lot of folks talking about doing this (reversing the cylinders so the carbs face forward and exhaust to the rear) but outside of the karting world you don't see it very often.  But outside of the cool factor and pipe routing benefits I don't really see the point.  Really Trick bike though.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quick mesage...

Since changing my welcome message to include a request for pics I've had a mild flood of pictures.  Please don't think I'm  ignoring anyone it's just going to take a bit to get it all sorted out.  Some really great stuff will be on the way shortly. 

Please stay tuned.  And Thanks Much to Everyone!

Reader Ride. Radical RD350 Custom from India.

Te-a Writes in:

Hello, My Names is Te-a, I'm from the far north east corner of India, in the city of Aizawl, Mizoram. We are a huge fan of your blog, keep it up. Heres a couple of pictures of a custom RD350, done by my brother Muansanga MSX. The frame is stock, rear suspension is from a 150cc 4-stroke Yamaha R15, tail cowling fabricated, wheels are 17-inchers from R15, 120/80 rear tire with a 100/80 front. Engine is completely rebuilt from scratch, with a stage 1 porting job with a custom built MSX expansion chamber. Custom painted by yours trully. Hope you like it. Thanks.

(My blog -

Thanks very much for sending this in.  I love getting bikes from other parts of the world.  Especially customs.  I enjoy seeing what other people are doing to their bikes.  It's inspiring and it opens up the possibilities.  Te-a's paint work is simply fantastic.  Check out his blog new blog for more examples.

Thursday, October 21, 2010