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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An amazing bike I've never heard of... An Ace Polini tuned V2 Simson.

Wow.... just plain freaking WOW!  I've never even heard of this bike.  what an amazing little machine!

From Hagen Schroot:
 Hello, here are some pictures and videos from an Simson S51 V2 with 50HP. The Simson S51 is 50ccm motocycle with 3,6 HP stock bulid in East Germany in 1980`s. This Simson is the personal ride from an famous exhaust manufacturer for the Simson scene. At the moment is only 120km/h fast, because of the brakes , but lift up the front in 5tgh gear!


Unknown said...

500 hp per litre? Unlikely, but probably still fun at 20 hp.

Motorcycle said...

Actually it's 2 50cc cylinders on a common block and likely both have a big bore kit installed. Maybe 80cc per? I'm not sure. But if it's really a 160 then it's certainly plausable.

Anonymous said...

Actualy each of the cylinders has 94cc which adds a total of 188cc. The Bore is 52mm and the stroke is 44mm. Cylinders are called "Polini Big Evolution" for modern Motor Scoots. Carbs are two 28mm Stage6 PWK (a decent copy of the Keihin PWK)

In the link below you can see the dynojet (Ammerschlaeger P4) protocol. The blue curve is the one of this engine. The other one is just for comparison to a 130cc single cylinder engine.

CORN said...

Anyone know what temp gauges are used?

heyechyu said...

"Anyone know what temp gauges are used?"

Stage 6/koso

custom bike paints said...

Actually it's 2 50cc cylinders on a accepted block and acceptable both accept a big bore kit installed. Maybe 80cc per? I'm not sure. But if it's absolutely a 160 again it's absolutely plausible.

custom painting

Unknown said...

Great bikes. I especially love the V-Twin Exhausts. They really look unique.

Unknown said...

ile ten tuning kosztował około bo aż mnie telepie takie cudo sobie zrobić