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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nice Stock Kawasaki H1

My buddy Doug (a lot of you know him from Deals Gap-he doesn't post here though) just finally got an old high school friend of his to sell him a rather tasty 1974 H2.
It actually has a pretty big local reputation and is known locally as the "Snodgrass bike". Snodgrass is a local Porsche Dealership owner (Brumos Porsche-Hurley Haywood raced for them for decades) who bought the bike brand new from Doug's brother in law who worked across the street at the Kawi dealership in 74. He then added it to his extensive collection of bikes and paid another old friend of ours to "look after" the collection of cars and bikes.

Anyway the bike passed through another owner till itt was acquired by the guy who does our powdercoating who we also went to high school with. After a year of haggling he VERY reluctantly sold it to doug (pretended to loose the title when we went to pick it up). Anyway... here she is in all her glory with tellow paint on the original bolts and all of 7400 miles on here. Runs like the day she was made. A reeally stunning bike.

Well here we GO!!! Firs off I'm doing a complete Re- rebuild of My buddy dougs bike see previous condition of the bike in this . It was in pretty decent "daily rider" condition. All the mechanicals are done but the cosmetics were still lacking. Mu budget was tight but my tme was free so off we go. I actually like building bikes with other peoples money... shrug..

After a complete teardown, Powdercoat, and some painting reassembly begins.. so far so good!

The boxes aren't exactly "correct" but I like how they came out.

And here she is back on her feet with a kot of work still to go. He's got a set of Jemco pipes on the way and he's determined to get some flatslide Mikunis working on there.

Stay tuned. Much more will be getting posted again now that I've got a break in the action at my job and Deals Gap is on its Way

Monday, March 26, 2007

Big Updat ecoming... been busy busy busy... in the mean time, Deals Gap is just round the corner. about 50 days or so. Here's a taste..

Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Pir of Beautiful H2's with Stingers!

Stingers!!! My Favorites! One set of Denco and one set of Jemco's. Sawwweeet!!


Well been off the boards for a while this week. Had a lot of E-bay auctions to deal with and some work to do on the S2. See here... Frame and here... Engine. Just got the crank back from Damon Kirkland (the undisputed GOD of Kawasaki crankshaft rebuilds) and will be EXTREMELY busy on bikes for the next few weeks trying to get things in order for Deals Gap... See here.. Also working on Dougs H2 re-rebuild.... more here and here. Will continue to post pics as they become available.

Staaaay Tuuuuned!!!!