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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reader Ride. Some More Great Shots From the UK

Tony McGuire writes in:

Hi, Tony McGuire here again in East Yorkshire UK,
Here's a couple of riding shots of me and my friend Chris, I'm on the 75' silver RD350 and Chris is on the 79' RD400, also a pic of myself with my home built 1971 YDS7 cafe racer ..
Keep up the fantastic blogs, I check them daily!

Back at you Tony. Great Stuff! Love it!

That's a Stunner!

Reader Ride. Probably The Nicest RZ350 I Have Ever Seen.

Jeff Strom Sends in Some pics of his buddies bike (that I think I've seen before). And What a beauty it is.  Those pipes are pure porn..

He Writes in:

Love your blog, thought I would suggest a bike. I rode with
Mark (who built and owns this buzz bomb), with some triples,
about a month ago. This bike runs as sweet as it looks ...
Also found right here ...
... keep your bitch'n blog going, it's a regular stop for me!
Jeff Storm
(aka: K_trip - with that green '74 H2)

No Problem Jeff.  Thanks Much for the great shots!

Sundial Suzuki T500 Racebike from 05 or so at Deals Gap

Nice Clean 74 H2.

Not bad for the supposed "ugly" year.

I wish I was on vacation...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Reader Riude(s). A Bitchen Collection of Yamaha's.

Reader Tony Mcguire sends in pics of his sweet collection of 2-strokes.

He Writes in:
Hi, Im Tony McGuire from east Yorkshire UK, i just came across your site so i thought id send you a few pics of my strokers hoping you might enjoy them :)
regards, tony

1972 Yamaha DS7 cafe racer built from scratch by myself..

1975 silver Yamaha RD350B restored by myself

unrestored blue 1977 Yamaha RD250D..

1979 yellow Yamaha RD400E , my everyday rider..

please feel free to publish any or all the pics , thanks, Tony

Freaking Outstanding Rides!  Thank You Tony!