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Monday, March 8, 2010

Megasquirted RZ350 engine...

Travis sends in these pics of an RZ350 engine "work in progress" being converted to fuel injection.

Travis writes:

I found these pictures this morning on the forum. All I know about them is what was in the description on the thread. The builder is a guy named Frostie from Lund Sweden. He says the injector bodies are two out of three from a Triumph 955 with an inside diameter of 43mm. He's planning on using a MicroSquirt injection controller box from MegaSquirt because it includes a programmable ignition system as well. He did the fab work and built the cross over boost tube with angled riser blocks to help direct intake flow to the bottom end.

All I have to say is I really need one of these setups! Its a shame that Yamaha didn't come up with something like this back in 1985, we might have still had factory built road going two-stroke replica racers well into the 90's here in the USA.

Later Travis

I hear ya Travis!   Oh what might have been!





Henry Costa Rica said...

Hello, I wonder how modifying a 2-stroke engine, to be full injection . I'd appreciate you send me information to my email

Meikel Katzengreis said...

Have a look at:

Reinaldo cunha said...

Hello, I would like to modify my RD350 to the EFI, if you have some information how to make that step by step, please send to me thanks a lot also some picture would be helped a lot.