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Monday, October 24, 2011

A very serious hybrid from Japan.

Fantastic build from Japan! Thanks you sir! I love builds like this. All business.
Hello My name is Takeshi Goto,editor in chief of 2 stroke magazine in Japan.There are so many cool two stroke bikes in your blog! I really enjoyed them.attached photos are my RZ410.
RD250LC frame with RZ350 engine,TZ250 forks.wheels are TZ250 hubs with 17in rims.I put in LA sleeve 410cc kit for Banshee and TZ replica pipes.65hp at rear wheel,not so much but massive torque,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A fantastic KawaZuki hybrid from the UK!

Hi  my name is Mark "banjo" Barrett, I built this bike this year 2011, what do you think thanks mark.. Coventry Warwickshire UK

I think it the bomb Mark!  Thanks for the pics!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Reader ride! A cool Yamaha RX180 Custom!

Fernando Rossi Jr. from Brazil writes in with this great custom build.

Hi, This last version of my Yamaha RX180 Custom modify to Café-Racer · Wheels from Aprilia RS50 – 17” · hydraulic clutch · panel oh Husqvarna Thanks to Marcelo Peixoto. My friend and best mechanical of Brazil

Wow that looks like fun! I love it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update: Pipe Porn! 2 stroke race care engine pics!

There's been some activity on this post in the comments section and some folks are curious about the history of the engine. From the comments was a link to this stunner of a photo and a link to the teams website.

I would like to know more about these..  In the comments from back in Feb Joe wrote:

I think its a V6 made by Kohler originally for boats in a Lola chassis run by a team called Wtnfurst racing. I don't have a video but would love to hear what it sounds like if anyone can find a link.
Are these engines still available and has one ever been put in a bike? Would make an awesome drag racer.

Great stuff!

Wow!  A big thanks to Joe Banks for the link!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Greek TDR

PAUL ASERT writes in:

Hi from Greece your blog is amazing, i am 2stroker lover too, here my photos of last rebuilt of my tdr which i made alone except blue painting of plastics. I put many new parts and running great... Front light is from xt660x and i use second radiator from klr 250 connected with stantarrd radiator...


Reader rides! A trick S1 Tracker and an awesome find!

Aaron Pierson sends in a cool Street-tracker and an awesome H1R find.

He writes in: I think i sent you a few pics of my 75 kawasaki s1 street tracker in the past, but i wanted to show you my new 2stroke... Well i found a 1970 H1R with H1RA kit on it, all original except the paint, it had been stored in pieces in an attic for 30 years! i bought if from a really nice guy with a hell of alot of racing stories... heres some pics of it as well as my s1 tracker. the H1R is as i purchased it(only assembled). it will eventually get a full restore. 

REALLY great stuff! Pease keep us posted on the restoration!