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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stunner of a Yamaha!

I Can't believe it's the same bike..

David Zemla writes in

Love your site!!!!
Great to see such inspirational machines! Makes my day each time.
Here's a shot of an RZ350 I built a few years back. Not great pics but a really fun bike.

David Zemla
Director of Marketing
Progressive Suspension

Sorry for the delay on this David, My e-mail has gone a bit batty lately.

Here's how she started out...

Another Cool "4 cylinder" Triple

Doug Klassen writes in with a nice pic of a sweet 4 cylinder triple..

Hi Steve,

I check your 2-stroke and photo blog most days and always enjoy the stuff you find.

Attached is a photo I took at the Del Mar Concours in San Diego back in 2000. Look close, the mod is not your typical mod job on a the Kaw. The judges were so impressed that they asked the guy to start the bike to make sure it wasn’t faked. It ran and seemed to run well so they awarded him a special technical achievement trophy. Sorry but I don’t have any other info on the bike.

And be sure to check out Dougs blog at
Forty Years On Two Wheels - A personal blog

Holy Crap... A triple triple...

More info on the new Kawi Board... SEE HERE

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Attention Kawasaki Triples Fans! There's a new message board in town!

 Putting it delicately, there was a massive spam attack on the old Kawasaki triples site that (along with some internal politics) led to a bit of a rebellion.  Anyway the new board looks great and is off to a roaring start. If you like the Kawi triples,  Be sure to check them out.

While I'm at's a pic!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Onboard Video. RZ500 at speed...

Reader Ride. A 2 Stroke Bobber!

Doug Devine writes in: I built this bike with the sole purpose of making a early 60's style bobber. I wanted something no one else would think to do, shorty megs and all nickel plate..And to the people who say non- chambered pipes wont work, they truely do if you set the timing and carbs up right! 

Well I imagine you've got plenty of torque with those shorties... Looks the business.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Outstanding custom RD400

This is hard to top..  Built by Mikeb4 over on the 2 stroke world site.

Heads up on the old Kawasaki Triples Board,

For those of you who frequent the old Tomcat Loftis Kawasaki Triples Board it has bee essentially demolished by spambots and does not look to return. 

There will be a new board set up by the old moderators (without Tom who is no that involved any longer anyway) which will be located at

It's only a placeholder as of the moment but it will be up and running soon enough.  Please make a note of it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The John Aylor "JAmoo" special.

Reader ride. Nice RD 400

Hi there... Dan from Toronto, Canada here... I ran across your page looking at RD400s and thought I would send you a photo of my finished winter project. 1977 RD400