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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Problems with some of the very early posts..

When I started this blog I was linking my photos on a host called Village Photos.  Well as it so happens that company is now out of business and shut down so most of the photos that date back to the very early days of the blog are likely not going to show up any longer.  The good news is that I do have everything stored, backed up and archived locally so if there is an old blog post that interests you and the photo is not appearing send me an e-mail ( and I’ll do what I can to track it down and get it re-posted and re-linked.
Sorry for the inconvenience.  I should have kept to the more stable and popular hosting sites but this one had a lot of cool features that worked really well with e-bay auctions and such.  And who knows, they may get back up eventually.  From searching around there’s a ton of angry customers out there.

A new blog focusing on a few bikes that have been posted on here.

Aaron Pierson wrote in a while back to tell me about his new blog, "Peace And Wheelies" which features a few bikes that have been posted here along with the restoration of his H1R project.  Check it out!

A few more Sam Simmons "Buzz Bomb" pics.

Sam Sam Simons writes in with a few more of his "Buzz Bomb" pics

Hello Steve, Here's an old project for a friend wanting an 1/8 mile old school dragbike based on something 'unusual' (non RDe350/400,in other words). It's a combination of CB160 chassis,Kawa A7 350 mill,T200 front end,Yam DT rear,T125 tank,etc.,a real parts bin concoction . New internal parts were a real challenge, with zero performance pieces available (now or back then). All in all,a fun bike to build.... Best regards,

I love this bike..

Reader Ride. A hopped up Yamaha YDS3

You sure don't see too many of these.  Really cool build!  Thanks to Nicholas

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yes I suck and posts have been very light...

...and now I'm on vacation for the holiday.  I'll pick it up after I get back and am hopefully better rested.  Please feel free to brows the blog and search for whatever interests you.  LOTS of good stuff in there.  See you Monday!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Totally amazing RZ

Look closely.  That's NOT an anniversary R1.

Beautifil NOS injected H2

Holy Shit!  Outside the fact that it's already a stunning bike visually I can't imagine riding this on the street without wheelie bars. Just fantastic!  Congrats to 10 sec H2.  Found this over on this thread: