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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reader Ride From Malaysia! Kawasaki Ninja KRR ZX150!

Lorenzo Writes In:

My name is Lorenzo Marudi and I'm from Malaysia. I am a fan of 2 stroke bike too. My bike is a Kawasaki Ninja KRR ZX150 Special Edition, I bought it in April 2009. My experience with this bike: good acceleration and if I have not mistaken, when the rpm hits 6500 - 7000 rpm, the power valve starts to open. I try the top speed, I manage to reach 195kmh and my bike is still in stock condition, no modification done to it yet. Some riders with the same bike as mine said that they can reach 200kmh. The price is 10,148.00 ringgit malaysia and equal to USD 3171.25 without insurance and roadtax. Here's a link to the Ninja KRR ZX150 spec:    I hope that you can share the pics of my bike with other 2 stroke fans on your blog, they will like it.  =)


Fantastic Bike! Thanks Much! I'm so jealous that we can't get these here.


temp2escape said...

downpayment and monthly(duration)? or did u buy cash?

how's the fuel consumption?

nice bike.

Yellowduck748 said...

I Love this bike!!! I am so jealous.

tri cahyo said...

this is my ninja

ahpoi92 said...

i want 2 hve one..
did u know how much the price for now 2011?
i from sarawak
sent 2 my emails..

amey said...

hye dude,, this ninja make me crazy,, want to ask about its cost if we buy it with cash. thank you,, ~email me:

FloridaSteve said...

It's NOT my bike folks. But maybe the owner will check in here and see your posts.

Alqassa said...

I owned this bike , fuel consumption 26km/l when u ride between 120km/h to 130km/h. 2T consumption 1500 km per top up. Can feel the power when u reach over 7000rpm power valve opened. no dissappointing me on the road .

Umarzuki said...

to those asked about price, it is about RM 9.5k (on the road), maybe will go higher.

knbmnas said...

hi, i just wanna it possible to change the back cowl seat to passenger seat?

Blogger Boy said...

do you buy for cash or installment? if in installments, how much down payment should be paid? is it worth it to belong based on your experience? whether the carbon fiber body kit kawasaki krr zx150 ninja special edition was sold in malaysia? please e-mail your answer to ..I need to know more before buy it.. thank you

Steve CG said...

I've experienced ride this Ninja KRR 150 both sport naked style (KR150) and full cowling (KRR150zx) for about 5yrs. I would say it's the best 150cc 2stroke street/sport bike for daily use. Even for track use with a few upgrades. Factory standard can do as well.
Pretty expensive to afford a new one in my country (in which I bought used condition) but original part for it and for maintenance is quite cheap.
Can smoke out any current 250cc 4stroke sportbikes. Comfortable for both fast and slow ride.
Still producing this days in my country with a revised design and passed euro2 regulation, but pretty same engine with 1st model.

aloka said...

Bro, just wanna ask how much is body kit, izit special edition?

aloka said...

Bro, just wanna ask how much is body kit, izit special edition?

Abdul Hadie said...

How about full consumption ninja 150 compare to ninja 250 ??