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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reader Submittal. A very lustworthy Roadracer...

Reader Edrick Elliott proprietor of Fingymoto Blog sends in a racebike pic that is pure lust. Yikes what a machine. Those Irish racers have some big onions. Would love to go over some day.

Edrick Writes:

This is a picture that i took last year at a roadrace in Walderstown which is near Athlone more or less the middle of Ireland,the race bike belongs to William Dunlop maybe the best 250 racer around at the moment on the Irish road race scene although I think his brother Micheal might take issue with me on that claim,these two lads are the sons of another great two stroke racer the mighty micro Robert Dunlop brother of the great racer Joey Dunlop all two stroke specialists ,sadly the race where i took the picture had to be cancelled due to the death of a racer in warm up this is a harsh reality of the road racing scene in Ireland where each season we loose super riders,anyways enjoy the picture and checkout my blog I enjoy your blogs especially the two stroke one because that is where my heart lies.

Regards, Edrick

Thank you much Sir!

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