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Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Ariel Arrow. What a cool racebike!

CZ125 Roadracer.

I had a CZ250 for a short time "back in the day" and the thing scared the hell out of me. I imagine that this thing would scream like a scared ape. I love cooling fins as long as my hand. Beautiful bike.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nicely done RD350 Cafe with ultra rare Webco Heads.

Sorry for the slightly grainy pic but those Webco cylinder heads alone make this bike worth a mention. They are THE best aftermarket cylinder heads for the RD's (yes better than DG's) but extremely rare.

Something completly different! 500cc Ariel 4 cylinder based off an "Ariel Arrow".

Now THAT'S different!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A pair of nice RD350 Cafe's...

Update: Really nice R.. Fiv..... er... RD350 from South America.

Stuman caught me in the comments. Good catch. Just flawless.

I found a really nice collection of bikes by Fabrice who subscribed ro my pocassa account. I hope you don't mond if I post a few of the bikes from your public folders. If so please let me know.

Pipe Porn.

I just love this look. Jollymoto's installed on an RZV500 Yamaha.

How she looks..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Badass Champion freamed YZ250 flat tracker.

Honda NSR250! Another great bike from Greg Rathe

Another great shot from Greg of his sweet NSR250.

Greg Writes:

Thought you and the readers would like this shot of my Honda NSR250.
It was taken on a rainy day last winter in upstate New York with the bike is running.


That's quite a pair of bikes there Greg! Thanks for the pics!

MV Augusta 350 twin. Outstanding Reader Ride!

Reader Greg Rathe sends in some pictures of his gorgeous MV Augusta 350

Greg Writes:
Great website and wanted to share one of my favorite bikes with you and the site.

This is a two cylinder 350cc with twin SS1 Dellortos. The details of the bike are incredibly beautiful and it is in all original condition.

Its a bike I love to ride that is solid, smooth and reliable. Handling is great, turn in's are smooth and even the brakes are not to bad for drums. Cruising the back road twisties are great and I have seen 85mph on the speedo without feeling close to top speed. The wheelbase is short and the tires narrow, if you think a new direction than the bike is headed, most likely the bike will already be going in that direction before you have made the decision.

On top of the gas tank is the original MV Agusta sticker with 34 stars, noting the championships the company had won.

My best,

Greg Rathe
New York, NY USA

Thanks Much Greg for the pics of this great bike! Must be pure joy on those back road rides!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The last of theKTM 125's...

Saw this over on the always excellent Stusshots. This should be the last season for the KTM125 2 strokes. Shame. Damm those are sexy. For details dee his his post HERE

A very Nice RD400 special.

Found this over on USA2strokers site. H2Ken just posted a really nice RD400. Great Build!

From the owners comments on the thread:

Hey everybody, today is the first day on the site. I had no idea it would be this connected. I will tell you a bit about my bike. !977 rd 400 I picked it up in a purchase with a couple of suzuki Gs 1000s's. It really did'nt cost me much several hundred dollars. It was running at the time,9,700 mi. painted orange, it was'nt perfect, but it was nice. I tore it down and started with the crank, and worked my way up. did a little match porting, head milling, there was a near new Pro-x piston set in it with coatings, and a fresh bore. Tranny was perfect, it had barnett plates, springs, 32mm carbs, and D&G pipes. I added some coils, and plug wires, Yboot w/ K&n filter, wheel bearings, almost any wearable items. Went through the front forks, I did add new tubes, seals etc. Progressive rear shocks. The front fender and the rear tail section are both Airtech pieces that I bought at Delmar 8-10 yrs ago for next to nothing. The tail section is an XR 750 tail section. I Had to weld cross frame braces for seat support, and it bolts right on to the tank rear mounts. It is has industrial Felcro holding it on the cross members, clean and no other bolts, as is the seat that a local upolster made for me for $50.00. Rock solid. it does'nt budge. I panted in my driveway, decals under clear. New avon's were on it when I got it. Bead blasted the rims and Clear coated them. Powdercoated everything else. I live close to a Hilco (fasteners) so everything is stainless allen head or ss button head. I keep everything I restore, so it gets the treatment. It runs crisp and hauls ass! To be honest guy's I built this for my wife! But I wll ride it to "Clear it's throat" it is fun! I am in the need for some nice insturments, so get the word out. If you were lucky enough to make it to Cooks for the Two stroke show, you may have seen my 1972 Kawasaki H-2 lime green modified sitting in the middle area. Its really stupid fun too! Anyway thanks for your interest, I'll post the 2 Gs 1000 s's up when I finish them. Ken

Nicely Done!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Double Engined H2 Video!!

This guy has great neighbors!

Fantastic Reader submittal. Flawlessly restored KTM.

Every once in a while I delude myself into thinking that I have talent when it comes to cleaning up and old bike and putting it back together. And when you say it like that maybe I do. But when I see a true "restoration" done by someone with patience and true skill I realize that what I do is not to that level. Case in point... I mean DAMM!

Thank you to Fabio for these fantastic pictures.
The originals were huge and sharp ad really showed the fine details of this great work.

Reader Ride! Nice RD350 with cool tank graphics!

Matt sends in some pics of his cool RD350. I love the tank graphics! Really works well! Tahnks Matt!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fantastic Reader Submittal!! THE Nicest Kawi 400 triple fighter I've ever seen...

Just received an e-mail with a hell of a nice surprise from Chris.

He Writes:

Hi. My names Chris aka eZdoesit over on
I frequent your 2strokebiker blog almost every day to see what you got up thats new. this time i thought i would share with you, so hope you enjoy.
hopefully i will be able to share my bike with you. i will be purchasing a suzuki gt750 i plan on building to tr specs.

Chris please feel free to send in anything at all you find interesting. If it's not a 2-stroke we can put it over on the other board. Thank VERY much for these pics! She'a a real beauty.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Really interesting hybrid...

Follow along...

An Egli frame. Not sure what it was "intended" for but it's DAMM sexy..

Put in a Kawasaki triple engine... er...

wait a minute.. what is that?

It's a Kawasaki H1 bottom end with RD350 cylinders grafted on.. Seems like that would have some serious potential but I'd love to see some LC or RZ juggs on there. Wow she's a looker!

WOW! Video of a Kawasaki KR750 in Spa. Tun it REAL LOUD!!