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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Here's one part that's working just fine. Less than a thousand miles on a fresh Damon Kirkland Crank. Was running VERY well with the SpecII pipes. Almost forgot. The pipes will likely get ceramic coated.
GONE! The wheeles are at a local dshop being respoked and cleaned up and the frame will be off to the powdercoater in a day or so.

Well phase 2. Here we go!

Going! You get a sense of some of the crud underneath that beautiful bodywork.

Going.. Boy does that frame NEED some love!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Well It's official! An hour into this and I'm hooked! I can see why gazillions of folks are into this. For my first project thread I'm going to try and document the rebuild of my buddies bike. We'll call him Doug since that's actually his name. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding his bike (sort of) for second time. When he brought it home the first time it looked like this...

click to enlarge..

After a general cleanup and a total engine rebuild....

It came out about like this...

Not Bad really but it still had a ways to go. Fantastic runner now but the frame and cosmetics still needed a ton of work...

stay tuned... more to follow

First post... hmmmm...

Well well well.... Lets see where this leads us. This may end up being a fairly busy place or it may totally wither and die through total lack of content. I doubt it, but it just might. I guess I should state what my general intentions are for this place. Being a vintage 2 stroke motorcycle enthusiast for over a decade now I thought I'd create a place to at least keep a running diary of projects and goings-on in my garage and in my brain as related to old bikes. Please note that I'm an enthusiast and NOT an expert. I know a LOT of experts and I definately don't put myself in that catagory. I'm probably a wee bit smarter than the average wrench turner but often it's just enough to be dangerous. The real experts are people like Tony Nicosea or Tomcat Loftis or John (Ja-Moo) Aylor, Scott Clough, Chuck "SUPERTUNE" Quenzler and Rick Brett. I spend a LOT of time hanging around and soaking up knowledge on a few 2 stroke related discussion websites like this one and this one trying to limp through different projects and contributing where can.
Anyhow I'm going to post this and see how it looks and goof around a bit. I'll be back shortly for an update and some pics... please stay tuned.
Well just for grins.. here's a picture of the RD400 at Deals Gap... hope this works...