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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

S1 Tracker update..

Aaron Pierson sends in an update on his tracker
I sent in a few pics of my s1 tracker a while back, but now I've got good pipes on it! These are a set of WTF's. As you might know you get these pipe kits as a set of rolled cones. I had previously NEVER TIG welded before. So I got the kit, a brand new Lincoln 155 and got started. What a learning curve! And completely worth the effort! I urge anyone wanting to try and build pipes to do it. In this configuration the stingers are 90% inside the baffle cone. This gave unrestricted flow and knocked a few DB's off the noise level.

An AR50 from the UK

From Aaron Threlfall

 My 1989 Kawasaki ar50, restored to put on the road in January for when i turned 16

Nice to see the next generation keeping them on the road!

1972 Suzuki T250R Cafe

Nathan Gawalko sends in this nice little cafe.

A shoutout to a fellow 2 stroke enthusiast!

Gary Whiting sent in some info about a cool new 2 stroke based site from New Zealand.  Check them out!

to me
Hi Florida Steve,
I have been following your blog for a while now and thought you might be interested in some fellow 2 stroke enthusiasts in the South Pacific. We are a very keen group of enthusiasts living in and around Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Our blog is

Our website is


Keep up the good work with the blog.

Kind regards

Stunner of a low mileage rather rare 1968 Beta 125 Premier

From "Bigtruck" Johnson.  Anyone know the bike?
Hi, I am looking to get any information I can about my 1968 Beta Premier. It's a tasty old original with just 10 miles on it! I seen Ted Guthie's stunning restoration and he mentioned a couple friends each having one. If someone can somehow forward my email to him, maybe he'll get back to me so I pick his brain. Thanks, Steve

More pics from the spam filter. A nice GT550 Cafe.

From Stephen Liles
This is my current project: '74 GT 550, ported, squished, chambers, gpz forks, laid-down shocks, 32mm carbs, steering damper, ECI, etc. I just seized it and I'm looking for after market pistons 1.0 over.

Nice NSR

I'm going through and pulling all kinds of bikes that were held hostage in my piece of crap spam filter and I only now found them. This one from back in April. Sorry about that Sean. From Sean Larson.
Hi, I just ran across your blog from a link on the L-Twin site. I was checking out the Honda XR1157R Evo, and I saw your link and took a look. Very nice bikes. I don't know what it is about 2 strokes that get the blood pumping...I just love them. I am the proud owner of a 1987 Honda NS400R. Now it's not the fastest, but it handles great, and no one around where I live has one. I attached some pictures.

Cool bike and a Yamaha Wedding Cake! Awesome!

Davis May Sends in this cool little hybrid and an AWESOME  Wedding cake!  That's a good wife you have there!  Hang on to her!

My name is Davis May.  I have sent you some photos of my work in progress.  It is a 1973 Yamaha DT3/250.  This is my first and only motorcycle.  I bought it off Ebay three or four years ago now.  I learned to ride on this machine.  Its kinda of a mutt.  I was not sure if I wanted an enduro or a flat tracker so I kinda did both.
Things I have done-
RD350 Triple Tree
Honda Front Wheel and Hub (went from a 21" to 18")
Fiberglass tail section that was built for a Triumph 
Webco High Compression head
Expansion chamber(sorry no photos of it)
Relocated ignition switch 
Relocated Speedometer (no tach)
Hand Made wiring harness 

I have to give my friend Bill credit for the paint.  He did all the hard stuff.  I just buffed.  

The cake is my wedding cake.  My wife had to know what she was getting into.

I hope that you enjoy

I'm a sucker for a nice TDR...

Thanks to Pierre for the pic!

A pair a cool little small cc buzzbombs!

Thanks to Mark Booth

 #1 1978 Garelli SSXL:
OK So before you think OH NO Hell NO Not another Moped Guy just read on.  I got this for free from my neighbor and I wanted to see just what I could do on my own.  My Suzuki Street Mod took a lot of time and cash and the help of some very talented people.  I wanted a bike to do as much as I could on my own.  So back to the bike.  I took this from a pile of parts to a bike that hit 58 mph with my son on it.  This bike was so much fun and I learned how to do so much to get it to 58 mph.  I never did the paint as I left that for the new owner.  The best part of this bike is to get going @ 50 and as you pass other cars you start to peddle!  I attached a before and an after of this one.

#2 1969 Suzuki AS50:
OMG He is a moped guy!  I bet this is what you are thinking right now.  As long as you keep reading I promiss that it will get better.  I am not a Moped guy, I just loved this bike!  I mean really!  It took me to 55 mph and it was so much fun blasting around town on this bike!  I pretended I was at the GP as I blasted past traffic.  You really needed to rev the piss out of this to get it to move but once you did it was amazing!  I hated to sell it but I had to.  I attached 1 picture of this.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet Little T20 Cafe

Scott Jones sends in this cool T20:
Here are some pictures of my recently back together 1966 Suzuki T20. This has an original factory fiberglass tank and seat package which was called the GP kit and supplied on some imported bikes to the US. Ive also got period expansion chambers installed. Not completely finished, but its rideable and almost to where I want it- Something that I can ride and look good without worrying about a scratch or two. Let me know if youd like some better pictures… Thanks!