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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reader Ride! S3 Triple In The Snow!

Tony McGuire sends in his latest.

Hi again, Tony McGuire here in Yorkshire UK, thought id show you my 1975 Kawasaki S3A 400 triple, its wearing KH400 paintwork and Gibson Allspeed chambers but I'm not one for originality so bollocks to the purists!
Keep up the excellent blog !
Regards, Tony

Beautiful Bike and Beautiful color!  And I agree... While I do appreciate a perfect original for what it is, I still prefer them with a tasteful personal touch. Looking Great! Always a pleasure Tony!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cool Reader Ride from "Back in the Day". RD350 "do-it-all" Special!

Ric McKinsey writes in:

Really enjoy your site thought I would contribute a couple of my beautys. 1975 RD350 cafe racer I would switch the rear wheel for one with a slick and add struts and a wheely bar and take it to the strip. ( check the 1970's safety equipment, nothing but blue jeans baby)!

Ric McKinsey
Madera Calif.

Thanks Ric!  I love this sort of stuff.  And man those were some cool boots!

Monday, November 22, 2010

2nd Update from the comments: Konig Racer. Really interesting engine cinfiguration.

Second Update: I've got the smartest readers on the web!

Lawrence wrote in:

A documentary about motor-racer Kim Newcombe, who turned heads in the 70s on a König motorbike he developed and designed himself. He was killed racing in 1973 and posthumously came second in that year's World 500cc Grand Prix. The film mixes interviews and underdog triumph on the track scenes, with Super 8 footage of family life on the circuit, and poignant wife-of-maverick reflections from his widow Janeen. Love, Speed and Loss won best documentary at the 2007 Qantas TV Awards and Air NZ Screen Awards for best documentary, directing, and editing.


Thanks Again!  You guys are the best!


Update from the comments:
it is not a twin engine. It is a 4 cylinder engine. Originally a motorboat engine.
Cheers Uwe

I suspected that it might be but it was hard to be certain from the camera angle. thank you for clearing that up! Makes it all the more interesting!


A liquid cooled opposed four cylinder with a gear driven, toothed belt rotary valve intake intake setup. Interesting stuff.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Insane Moped. RZ350 in a Yamaha 50..

A TZ dragbike video? In the rain? Yep!

My New Ride!

Always wanted one!  I'm totally Stoked!  Traded my silver Daytona which wasn't exactly easy.  i've had it about 15 years.  Couldn't be happier.  Dave if you read this thanks again!

Sorry bout the grainy pics.  Sun was almost down and my camera's dying.

Update... new build pics:Reader Ride From Norway! Brilliant Gilera

UPDATE:  In my ignorance about this brand I failed to realize just exactly how special a build this machine really is.  For a more complete story about the building of this bike see this thread here:
Really fantastic stuff Morton.  thanks for the link!

Morten of Norway Writes in:

Hi and RESPECT ! for your great blog !
I have been surfing up and down your amazing site, and it has given me a lot of ideas for my next build.
A really wonerfull mix of bikes and details, keep up the good work and ride safe. Thank you :-)
.........and a pic of my last build, 1978 Gilera Edizione Speciale. 80cc 6 speed Polini/Gilera engine.
top speed: 121 km/h / 75 mp/h @13400 rpm
Med vennlig hilsen - Regards Morten

This is an extraordinary build.  Thanks Very Much for sending it in!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Boots Langly "UCR" H2 750.

Boots is a legend in the 2-stroke world.  He writes in with pics of his latest:

Hi Steve,
Thanks for such a great web site. You've highlighted some of the best
of the 2 wheeled world.
Good on ya!!
I'd like to present the 1973 H2 750 that I call my "UCR" (Ultimate
Cafe Racer). It's highly modified and the details can be read at
This is it's 4th, and final, reincarnation.
I roadraced triples during the late 70's through the early 80's. This
is the bike I wished I had then!!
Ride safe and have fun.
Boots Langley

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Nice CZ from the Czech republic!

James Writes in:
Hi, I recently posted photos of my CZ 175 dirtbike in 1962. This is her 10 years younger sister, CZ 175 Type 477 of 1972.
 In 1968, when it was put into production, it was very modern and good quality bike in its category. The bike also works great even after 38 years ... It has increased the engine power from 15hp to 18 - 20 hp and many other arrangements for driving the winding roads of our region. ČeZet Rides great!

James     Czech Republic

Reader Ride. Yamaha RX180... A Small Brazilian Beauty..

I am Fernando Rossi and I have a Yamaha RX 180. (see atached)
Im Brazil exist amost motorcycle 2 stroke.
I like to send photograph of my brasilian-motorcycle...
Congratulations for your site...
I access every day...
Wow I wish you could get those here.  Very interesting bike! Thanks Very Much!

Reader Ride. Some Brilliant Works in Progress!

Jeremy Roosen of Columbus Ohio Writes in:

Seen your blog.
I build old 2 strokes.
here are some pics.

Green. 1976 KZ 750 frame, 75 S3400 triple motor, 02 gsxr1000 front and rear, zx10r seat. needs to be completed
Blue. 1975 Suzuki GT550, 2002 Gsxr 1000 front and rear, solo seat, fun little bike, needs painted
New build, 1987 TZR 250 frame, Rgv250 front and rear with wheels, TZ250 alu tank, subframe, ohlins shock/fork springs
with a built rz350 motor,
GT550 and The TZ build will be done next spring.

Take care

 Thanks!  Cool builds Jeremy.  Reminds me a little bit of SuzukiDave's work.  Keep us updated!