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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yeah I suck... BUT!

Been buried with work and holidays.  Even the other blog has been suffering.  In the mean time go check out the Team Heron Suzuki Flickr page.  AMAZING stuff there and it goes on for 300 pages!!.

Special Thanks to regular contributor Travis Lawson for the hook-up!

Back shortly

Monday, December 12, 2011

A sweet T500 from ou regular contributor Ted Guthrie.

Hell of a nice deal!  Exactly the type of bikes people dream of finding..  Thanks Ted. And sorry for the long delay in getting this posted.Not sure what happened there.
Hi, Steve. Thought I'd share with you the great barn find I brought home recently. It's a 1973 Suzuki T500 Titan, with 4,000 original miles on it. Although far from perfect cosmetically due to plain old aging, it is in amazing condition. All I did to get it look as it does in these pictures was to wash it. Torn fork gaitors show, as well as a broken lock on the gas cap - hence my baggie/rubber band seal. Tape on the tank is my label reminding me there is no fuel in it. Haven't tried to fire it up yet, as I intend to go through the carbs and ignition first. Dig the condition of the seat and tires. They're exactly as when I got the bike. No Armorall on 'em or anything. Nearly 40 years old. Amazing. What a survivor. Ted Guthrie PS: Please see also, pic of parts and pieces of '75 Bultaco 350 Alpina I am putting together. 1960 Triumph Tiger Cub is next in line, too.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love this bike..

I followed the build thread for this bike for quite a while over on the 2 Stroke World Forum and today I got an e-mail from Ben Alameda with these fantastic pics! I'm a huge fan Ben! Thanks Much! He writes in:
Hey there, Love the blog I always follow up on it every week. Here are some pics of my custom 1973 rd350, I hand made all the aluminum body work and fenders from scratch. I also designed and built the pipes myself from stainless. The front wheel is a highly modified motoguzzi eldorado hub which was machined heavily, I added airscoops to both the front and rear drums. I also reinforced the frame with gussets. -Ben Alameda
What a beauty. I've tried banging out a few panels over the years and this sort of skill is almost god given. I don't often get envious but this is one of those times. Just superb!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Stunner of an RD350 Restomod.

From Ted Brecheisen:

Great blog site! I submitted some pics of my 78' Honda Hawk bobber July 2010, thanks for posting and good words. I know that a lot of the bikes that are on the 2-stroke blog are modified to radical so I thought it might be of interest to see a stocker. We found this great 1975 RD350 in excellent condition hiding in a service department of a local Yamaha dealer. As is typical, money was needed by the owner so we provided $$. Only a few things are not original. The ignition was replaced with an electronic version from Vintage Smoke, and hi-output coils from HVC Cycle as well as the front master cylinder. This is a rider and these changes make it a pleasure to ride. Everything was taken apart and cleaned or buffed. Even the "orange peal" in the tank close up is original. That was the way some of them came in 75' as Japanese paint standards were not very good. Thanks