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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sam Simons latest BEAST!

Got a note from the legendary Sam Simmons recently and he attached a pic of his latest Project. Hol Moly! Can't wait to see the finishd work!
Sam writes:
"my entire collection has since been scattered across the USA,I still like to build'something different'; which leads me to mention my present undertaking,a KX500 StreetTracker.I'm mid-build,so to speak,and about to make decisions on seat,tank,fenders,etc. As you cansee,the Suns & Metzlers are on,and the suspension shortened 4". My new low pipe from JEMCOarrived last week.You know the routine,assemble,test,change,test,disassemble for cosmetics,then reassemble. I hope the horsepower is worth it!!"
No Doubt!

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