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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Updates to the Blog!!!

This is just a quick not to say that I've finally started doing some site monitoring on this blog and have discovered (much to my surprise) that I'm getting some pretty steady traffic. Well since I've got so mant of you folks tuning in on such a regular basis I've gone ahead and started organizing the place a bit better.

I'm in the process of adding tags to all the posts so you can now go to the right of the page and browse by labels. I will also try and post on a more regular basis. I'd also like to send a shoutout for reader submissions! If you've got a cool old 2-stroke of any Size/Make/Model then send me some pictures and a description. I'd love to show off your rides for you.

If You've got cool pics of a 4-stroke the check out my other Blog over on the right "Motorcycle Picture of the Day" and I'll get them up there for you.

Thanks for checking in and Thank You for Smoking!

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