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Monday, January 12, 2009

Kawasaki G3SSD 90.

A really cool little Kawasaki from reader Ted Guthrie. I would have killed for one of these when I was a kid...

Ted Writes:

Next bike is a 1974 Kawasaki G3SSD, which I brought home just this last week. It is all original, starts first kick, runs perfectly, and came with title, toolkit, and owners manual. It's about 90%, cosmetically, with just a bit of pitting on some chrome, plus rusty spokes and a few bubbles on the beautiful, original paint job.
I always wanted one of these little bikes, ever since a neighbor girl had one when they were new. I used to watch with great envy as she putt-putted around the yard on it.
Back in the 70's, even little, tiny bikes such as this G3 were very well equipped. Note the sidestand AND center stand, spacious seat, buddy pegs, and big-bike lights. There is also oil-injection of course, and the choke lever is cable operated and conveniently mounted on the bars. They sure don't build 'em like they used to.
Ted Guthrie


Anonymous said...

My Dad had a bike just like this one--same year and color. I'd love to find one around and restore it!

Larry said...
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lje520 said...

I bought one of these in 1980 for $150. I still have it and is all original. Still runs great, starts on second kick after sitting all winter. I rode this thing around Put in Bay Ohio as Kawasaki Larry for many years and had loads of fun. I would like to buy another one in disrepair for spare parts.