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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Too much good stuff so I coied the whole post...

For the whole thread go here

Did our annual 700mi. "Gold Rush" ride this weekend out to Eastern Oregon on the TDR. Weather was good, and the TDR ran great with no issues. This was also the first leg of the Portland to Knoxville "555" ride. You've probably heard about it by now ... under $500, under 500cc and pre 1975.

Three RD's, a '69 DT250, a KZ400 and a bunch of little Hondas are making the 3000mi. trip.

Should be an epic journey, follow their exploits at:

Chopper and his RD 250/350 with all the ignition issues

Patrick's '69 DT250

Big Kenny's Honda something or other

Blecky's CL175(?)

T-Bag's RD350/400

Matlock CL175

Thor's RD350

Cryin' Eyes' oldschool Honda chopper

...and some random pics of the Gold Rush ride:

1 comment:

stuman714 in Indy said...

Great stuff you have here!
Just an FYI--the pic of the 'CL175' is actually a SL175. Looks like a '71. I had a '71 SL350 back in
'72-'74. The CL's had the chrome up-mounted side pipes and the standard fender. The SL's had the black TT-style pipes w/ the mx-style raised front fender.
Love your work, as I am a big ring ding fan from back in the day. If you get the chance, check out some of my stuff I have posted. I'll send you some pics as I have more of The King's TZ, some good shots of Donnie Castro on Erv Kanemoto's H2 flat tracker, and some other goodies to throw in from over the years.
Take care and great site!

Mike 'Stu' Stuhler