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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update: Really nice R.. Fiv..... er... RD350 from South America.

Stuman caught me in the comments. Good catch. Just flawless.

I found a really nice collection of bikes by Fabrice who subscribed ro my pocassa account. I hope you don't mond if I post a few of the bikes from your public folders. If so please let me know.


stuman714 in Indy said...

Actually, this one is a '74 RD-350 as I believe '72 was the last year for the 'R' series and the 'RD' series began in '73.
These were extremely sweet, and even affordable in the day. And for a 350 with a good rider could out muscle a CB750 Honda--unless the Honda caught you in a straight line!
Thanks Steve and keep up the great work!

FloridaSteve said...

Ha! Ya got me Stuman! I was looking at the intakes (the original pic was huge) an they looked like they had no reeds. But all the other evidence is obviously against me. Engine sidecovers and "Torque Induction" on the sidepanels are obviously RD and NOT R5. Good catch.