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Friday, March 19, 2010

Stunning Reader Ride. Suzuki GT550 Cafe Racer

Thomas Leeming from Montana recently sent me this excellent Suzuki GT550 cafe racer / former racebike. I told him that I've always been a Yamaha RD400 and Kawasaki Triple fan but this Suzuki could definately sway me. Jush gorgeous.

Thomas Writes:
Thanks for the great web site. I recently completed this 1975 Suzuki GT550 cafe. Pipes by Omar's. Electronic ignition. Battery, oil tank and electrics are hidden under the seat cowl. The older photo is from 1974 at Louden NH when I roadraced a GT550.

Thanks Very Much for the pics Thomas. Very Much Appreciated!

The same bike back in the day...


steve said...

Is that a 3-into-1 collector exhaust? Looks like a customized DG. If so, does it work well? I'm no engineer, just a long-time two-stroke fan and seems that the timing of backpressure to keep the charge in any one cylinder would be thrown off by exhaust from the others... Btw, I was at Loudon for the AMA races in '73 when Gary Nixon won on a 3-cyl 750.

steve said...

of course that was a Kawasaki 750...

h2owner said...

One of my favorites. Very cool.