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Monday, July 5, 2010

Old school TZ lust. A visit from a VIP.... and sometimes I think I may have been born a decade late...

Got a great e-mail (and some really great pictures) today from Richard over at Mule Motorcycles. If you don't know much about them do yourself a favor and go pay them a visit... go ahead we'll wait...  LINK  I consider this post to be a bit of a coup for me as I've been drooling over their bikes for years now and for my blog to be paid such a high compliment from such outstanding builders makes me think that I just might be doing something right.  It's much appreciated!

Richard writes in:

My friend sent me your link a few months ago and the variety you have just amazes me. I’m pretty fussy about how stuff looks and I find almost every bike has features I like, if I don’t like the whole bike. We must have similar tastes in bikes. Keep um comin’! Good job! Heres a few pictures of some TZ750’s I restored back in 1991. The pictures are all scanned from photos, so they’re not super crisp, but I thought you might get a charge out of them anyway.


I guess my 2-stroke lust precedes me.

Thanks VERY much for stopping by and for the great shots.  And yes... I will keep em coming.

Holy S#it!  that is a NICE garage... I swear to god I gasped a bit when I first saw this. I look at this and wonder if maybe I wasn't born a decade late.

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