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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reader Ride(s)! Megapost!

Keith Montgomery sends in all these beauties!  Not sure if I'm in the right order on all of them.

pics 00002/3 are of a rare in the states 1993 Aprilia RS 50. note single side swingarm.

094/097 are the wacky GIiera "CX" a water cooled e start 125 single-
CX bare-093

289 is a NEW NSR 150 from 2002 i bought/imported it  from a friend in Thailand

1996 RS 250 Aprilia Regianni Replica

KX65 mini roadracer i raced a coupla years ago.

1993 Yamaha R1-Z

1993 NSR250SP Rothmans Replica

This is one hell of a stable!  Thanks Much Keith!

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