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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love this bike..

I followed the build thread for this bike for quite a while over on the 2 Stroke World Forum and today I got an e-mail from Ben Alameda with these fantastic pics! I'm a huge fan Ben! Thanks Much! He writes in:
Hey there, Love the blog I always follow up on it every week. Here are some pics of my custom 1973 rd350, I hand made all the aluminum body work and fenders from scratch. I also designed and built the pipes myself from stainless. The front wheel is a highly modified motoguzzi eldorado hub which was machined heavily, I added airscoops to both the front and rear drums. I also reinforced the frame with gussets. -Ben Alameda
What a beauty. I've tried banging out a few panels over the years and this sort of skill is almost god given. I don't often get envious but this is one of those times. Just superb!

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