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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

S2 Engine Teardown Pics!

Oh this pic shows a crankcase full of injector oil that had seeped past the pump into the cases. Good thing I never tried to get her started like this. It would have bent a rod (at a minimum) for sure!

So far so good. Tore down the engine last night (See Part 1 here). Before I started I did a leakdown test on the crankshaft seals and it was possibly the worst leaking crank I've seen yet. It went to 7 psi and held for about 10 seconds. Just awful. Should have held 6 PSI for 6 minutes. When I tried pulling the crank out of the block the rubber seals held on a little bit from suction and the crank moved inside them about 1/4 inch. Yikes! No wonder I could never get her to run worth a flip. The topend is essentially brand new. It's wierd working with such tiny parts after building 750's and 500's. This stuff is like jewelry compared to the bigger bikes. Hard to believe that 60+ Hp is fairly easily attainable.

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