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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What a fantastic pic of Jay Springstien!

Don Miller of Metro racing fame send in this great picture! Oh and Check out his website at Some excellent stuff there too. Don Writes:

Hey cool blog. Just thought you'd enjoy a 2 stroke Flat Tracker to kind of class up the joint, HA! It's my Champion framed Woody Kyle motored Kawasaki Big Horn 350cc with the legendary Jay Springsteen at the controls. Thanks,Don Miller


Owen said...

Played hooky several years ago, went dirt biking for a day up at St. Helens, Michigan, north of Flint, with a couple of my old racing buddies Gary Hensley and Ed Redies. We were just unloading when a Harley Davidson Team van pulled up and three guys got out for a day of fun. Jay Springsteen, Scotty Parker, and another guy. Wow. I kind of remember that they brought KTM 4-strokers. Those guys were nuts – but really good riders.

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