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Friday, February 9, 2007

Finally Going to do the S2!!

Well I've decided to go ahead and disassemble the S2 for a "poor mans" rebuild. It won't be a full restoration in the sense that I'm returning it back to stock. It'll be more along the lines of a quick and economical cosmetic cleanup with a larger investment of time and money on the performance side. Right Now I'm thinking complete strip down. Blast and rattlecan the frame, engine cases and bodywork.

For the engine, I already have a fresh top end, brand new expansion chambers on the shelf and larger S3 carbs etc... The biggest expense will be getting the crank rebuilt (around $400) and a Boyer Branson ignition replacement (about $150). I've already done a ton of strip down work and taken lots of pics (which I'll post later tonight) the above pic is more or less my "before" picture of my starting point. Keep posted... MUCH more to follow!

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