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Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to check in on our friend Sam Simons and some of his latest projects!

First an update on his KX500 "Tracker" Project!
Sam Writes:

Hello again,Steve- I've altered the rear suspension 'dogbones' so the rear height now matches the shortened front forks,and attached the JEMCO to see what the ground clearance result was.....good. The tank is (of all things) a Royal Enfield 350 unit,just stuck on the see what it would look like....I'd be very tempted to use it(with minor mods) if it weren't for the severe clearance feature on it's underside(necessary for the RE cylinder head) which helps expose the KX's frame tube,unfortunately....The rear subframe will require surgery to get it much more horizontal than it is now....tankand seat style are still unknown.....I've found a custom RZ/LC radiator source (in AU) that lookslike it will work,and allow me to use a /traditional/ looking gas tank....whereas,if I use the KX'sradiators,any tank that I use will look terrible because of the reliefs required to clear them... A bit of progress.....

Next Lets take a look at some REALLY tricked out RD Head work he's been doing! Sam writes:

Hi Steve, This idea came from my friend with the RD400 dragbike. The inserts are the commercially available units in various chamber volumes intended for similar use on the Banshee mill. I did up a set of RD heads to accept whatever sizes he chooses. Neat idea.......

VERY neat Idea!! Thanks Again Sam!