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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bultaco Streaker!

A nice Bultaco Roadbike!?! Never heard of it till today. Cool a hell though!


Tanshanomi said...

The Streaker 125 is my Holy Grail of motorcycles. I tried to order a new gear-primary Streaker in '81, but due to labor troubles in Spain they never arrived stateside. I've found zero-mile '79 Streakers for sale three times since then. The first was in 1984 from a Bultaco dealer in Kent, Washington in 1984 for $1200. The second was from a member of SMOG in the early '90s for $1700. The third was on eBay for $2700. Each time, the cost was just slightly more than I could realistically swing on what amounts to a collector's toy. Now I am pretty much resigned to this forever being "the one that got away."

Anonymous said...

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