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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Very nice Reader Ride Suzuki GT750 Waterbuffalo.

Reader Al Hayes has been busy resurrecting his beautiful GT750. What a great ride!

Al writes:

Hey Steve,
Just thought I'd drop you a note after spending the last several hours of this rainy afternoon here in TN reading some of your postings and info on links you've posted to your site. I don't mind thanking you for posting those links as they've provided a wealth of information. Recently I decided to "resurect" a much-modified Water Buffalo, a bike I've owned since the late 70's and ridden the least of the dozens of bikes I've owned over the years. I fired it up for the 1st time in 5 yrs just last week. As I'm sure you'll agree, nothing compares with the sound of expansion chambers on a Triple. Just hearing it idle and rev convinced me that I really have to get this bike back on the road. Anyway, I see that I'm already starting to ramble, a serious problem of mine, so I'll end now before I take anymore of your time. Again, just wanted to thank you for taking the time to build a very impressive and informative website. I also enjoyed the pics posted on the blogs section. Definitely good for alot of smiles.
Also, attached a pic of my Buffalo for your examination.
Ride safe,
aka Willie

Willie you feel free to come back and ramble anytime you like. Keep us posted on wht you're up to. That bikes to nice to let sit. Get her going and then come on up to Deals Gap next May where you'll fine a few hundred like minded 2-stroke fanatics to ride with. Believe me, you'll fit right in and have a hell of a good time

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