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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fantastic Reader Submittal!! THE Nicest Kawi 400 triple fighter I've ever seen...

Just received an e-mail with a hell of a nice surprise from Chris.

He Writes:

Hi. My names Chris aka eZdoesit over on
I frequent your 2strokebiker blog almost every day to see what you got up thats new. this time i thought i would share with you, so hope you enjoy.
hopefully i will be able to share my bike with you. i will be purchasing a suzuki gt750 i plan on building to tr specs.

Chris please feel free to send in anything at all you find interesting. If it's not a 2-stroke we can put it over on the other board. Thank VERY much for these pics! She'a a real beauty.


Chris said...

your welcome, and i will be sure to share more bikes with you.

if anyone would like to read about this build you can do so here

Chris said...

BTW the bikes not mine, sorry i didnt make it clear. it belongs to "Cabbie" of