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Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Reader ride! Honda CR500!

Joe Byrd (from the previous post) sends in another set of 500cc 2 storke before-and-after build pics but this time with some dirt flavor.

Joe Writes:

Here is my project from last Fall, this fall I have started on an H2A, I think I am up against a bigger project this year. These pictures are my CR500R, I resurrected from a pile of junk from a fellow's shed. I went all the way through the motor and sandblasted, painted, replaced and fixed almost everything else. I fixed the flattened pipe by plugging the ends, filling it with compressed air and heating the dents with an acetylene torch. This works great.

Joe Byrd

Before and After in about a month.

Thanks Again Joe! Damm that's nice! I've always wanted a big bore dirt bike. KX / CR 500's and YZ465/490's have that certain terrifying qhality that I just souldn't be able to resist.. Oh and keep us posted on that H2!

1 comment:

joe manning said...

I love the big bore honda I lost all my pictures in a flood recently but I had bought a 1981 cr450r 2 stroke off the original owner it was like a european set up with the kick start on the left I was able to find a works style pipe for it I love cr's