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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A very Nice RD400 special.

Found this over on USA2strokers site. H2Ken just posted a really nice RD400. Great Build!

From the owners comments on the thread:

Hey everybody, today is the first day on the site. I had no idea it would be this connected. I will tell you a bit about my bike. !977 rd 400 I picked it up in a purchase with a couple of suzuki Gs 1000s's. It really did'nt cost me much several hundred dollars. It was running at the time,9,700 mi. painted orange, it was'nt perfect, but it was nice. I tore it down and started with the crank, and worked my way up. did a little match porting, head milling, there was a near new Pro-x piston set in it with coatings, and a fresh bore. Tranny was perfect, it had barnett plates, springs, 32mm carbs, and D&G pipes. I added some coils, and plug wires, Yboot w/ K&n filter, wheel bearings, almost any wearable items. Went through the front forks, I did add new tubes, seals etc. Progressive rear shocks. The front fender and the rear tail section are both Airtech pieces that I bought at Delmar 8-10 yrs ago for next to nothing. The tail section is an XR 750 tail section. I Had to weld cross frame braces for seat support, and it bolts right on to the tank rear mounts. It is has industrial Felcro holding it on the cross members, clean and no other bolts, as is the seat that a local upolster made for me for $50.00. Rock solid. it does'nt budge. I panted in my driveway, decals under clear. New avon's were on it when I got it. Bead blasted the rims and Clear coated them. Powdercoated everything else. I live close to a Hilco (fasteners) so everything is stainless allen head or ss button head. I keep everything I restore, so it gets the treatment. It runs crisp and hauls ass! To be honest guy's I built this for my wife! But I wll ride it to "Clear it's throat" it is fun! I am in the need for some nice insturments, so get the word out. If you were lucky enough to make it to Cooks for the Two stroke show, you may have seen my 1972 Kawasaki H-2 lime green modified sitting in the middle area. Its really stupid fun too! Anyway thanks for your interest, I'll post the 2 Gs 1000 s's up when I finish them. Ken

Nicely Done!