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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Update to original post: TDR 250 Flattracker

I'm doing a major edit my original comments. It was a closed minded of me to be that hard on this bike. Really looking at it, I think it's actually a really nice build and very original. I am just such a big fan of the TDR that it surprised me.

It's important to always keep an open mind on these things. Oh and this is a Bratstyle Yamaha TDR 250 "bobber / Flattracker"! I still think that is has little Wrenchmonkey in it (or is that the other way aroud since the Bratstyle folks have been around quite a while now?)

Anyway, sorry for being a dick.


Anonymous said...

"Bobber"? Uh, that's obviously a flat tracker. Are you new around here?

FloridaSteve said...

Well yeah I am a little new to this stuff..

but aside from the single sided pipes There's a lot more bobber there than tracker. Like I said to me it's more of a Wrenchmonkeys style bike than anything practicle
Either way it'd be a tough thing (again, for me) to do that to a TDR

Tomato Tomaato..

ToeCutter said...

Well WM inspired by BratStyle, this guy has been making bikes since the late 90s.... this TDR is one of the first he build..

WM making those custom bikes the last couple years.... is like we say the Harley Sportster looks like Honda Shadow....

Anonymous said...

Huh, I don't see anything bobber at all there. Flat tracker front end, flat tracker rear end, flat tracker frame and motor, brat style seat. Maybe the tail light is bobberish.