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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Sam Simmons built Kaweasaki A& "Buzz bomb"! with build pics.

Here's the story from Sam:

Hello Steve,
I'm sending pictures of a past project that I shared with a friend,who wanted something different for vintage 1/8 mi. drag racing. He selected the Kawa A7 350 mill,and
we combined a T500 swingarm,CB-160 chassis and T200 front end .The intent was to create a simple,minimalist,fun machine that would be entertaining to ride
and powered by an engine other than the venerable RD350/400. As you know,the A7 mill is a very good performer, compromised ,unfortunately by the lack of
replacement internals and after market performance parts that the RD boys enjoy......Fortunately,the owner has sourced spare NOS internals to keep this bike running
for quite a while......

That is too cool Sam! As always, Keep em coming and Thanks Again!