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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reader Ride. Trick RZ250 from the Manila.

Paul Bautista sends in some nice shots of his RZ250.  He Writes:

Hi there Steve, this is Paul Bautista from Manila, Philippines...I am an avid follower of your 2stroke Biker Blog, thank you for sharing many insights and even photos of the many builds...I got hooked with your blog and been researching about two stroke machines so I got myself an old beaten up 1985 RZ250R last january and have done some modifications with it...I just want to share what we have done so far..cheers!

Paul that looks like a lot of fun. Great Build.  Thanks for the pictures!


2T Racelab said...

Great! I really like the plexiglass headlight idea...

spirosgiapros said...

nice fighter !!!