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Friday, September 3, 2010

Reader Riude(s). A Bitchen Collection of Yamaha's.

Reader Tony Mcguire sends in pics of his sweet collection of 2-strokes.

He Writes in:
Hi, Im Tony McGuire from east Yorkshire UK, i just came across your site so i thought id send you a few pics of my strokers hoping you might enjoy them :)
regards, tony

1972 Yamaha DS7 cafe racer built from scratch by myself..

1975 silver Yamaha RD350B restored by myself

unrestored blue 1977 Yamaha RD250D..

1979 yellow Yamaha RD400E , my everyday rider..

please feel free to publish any or all the pics , thanks, Tony

Freaking Outstanding Rides!  Thank You Tony!

1 comment:

Murfs Spot said...

Now thats just a great wheelie shot right there....wonderfull.Brings back mammaries.....I mean memories......Murph.