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Monday, October 25, 2010

Update: The 2 Stroke World BOTM winner!

Update:  For those of you who were asking, I found the build thread HERE

Beautiful!  More Here

I didn't build the bike but to answer the question from the comments:  The tank is from a Ducati 36 Mojave.  They are all over e-bay and very common.  The pipes look to be SpecII.  The seat  I'm not sure but check Airtech or Glass from the past.  The wheels look stock but were powdercoated black  The engine cases are just striped and polished Looks like clubman bars stock repainted  light.  No oil tank visible so it's probably premix.  Old style moto carrera rearsets now available at Economy cycle or HVCC  not sure wich exactly (see my vendor links).  Shocks look to be Works.  It's an old school fork brace available on e-bay from time to time.  braided brake lines. and look to be BT45 tires.   Gauges are the small chrome aftermarket ones ye see all over.  Check Mike's XS for a good selection.  None of this is "off the wall".  It really wouldn't be  a very difficult bike t build with some patience and $$. But it would be very satisfying in deed.

Hope that helps.

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XMJan said...

Could we have some more info please?

Fuel tank = ??
Seat unit = ??
Expansion chambers = ??
Silencers = ??