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Friday, October 29, 2010

Reader Submittal. Wicked Landspeed Kawasaki Triple... and a hell of a trip.

From Travis Lawson:

So I just got done with a 5195 mile, 39 day adventure a few days ago. I rode my barely street legal 2001 XR400R from Durango CO to Portland OR then south to giant redwoods in Nor-Cal. From there to Reno, Las Vegas, all across AZ, NM and back to my home on the TX Gulf Coast. 2400 or so miles were done entirely off road on old obscure routes and Jeep trails.

I spent a couple days in Bonneville for Speed Week and took some great video and a couple of pictures of a really great guy from Woodland Park, CO named David Doubleday. He owns D&S Motorcycle and has campaigned an H2 he built himself at Bonneville for a few years now. This guy is fast! And all things considered he could be even faster with some more tweaking. This is one very fine example of a well built machine. The frame is a modded H2 with an FZR600 swinger, fork, wheels and brakes. The shock took days to set up but for the purpose of doing the "Ton" in a straight line it works great.  I think he told me it came off a Honda CBR. The tank is a Yamaha MX175 and fits very well. By the way this bike is street legal and plated and he does ride it regularly, but I bet it draws quite a crowd just tooling around town with stingers. Check it out!

I can't remember exactly his fastest times but I do know he broke 126 mph in the one mile course.

Later Travis

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