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Monday, December 6, 2010

Reader Ride! Outstanding Stretched and Cafe'd RD350

 That's a ballsy build. First non drag racer I've seen stretched out that far. Looks great though! Thanks For the pics!

Richard writes in:

My name is Richard Weslow and here is some pictures of my bike. It started out as one big mess in my basement but with the help of some good friends Kurk Schwengel and Mark Snyder we put together one exciting ride.We moved the pivot back 6 1/2 inches fabricated mounts for a lower link and used a after market Fox mono shock for the rear. Vintage Ducati seat ,hand foraged rear sets, Avon Lynex fairing hand built space framing. And for the motor we did the Harry Barlow race porting with 32mm carbs and moto carrera pipes plus a few other tricky things.This bike just full on flys Hope you like the pictures

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