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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Apparently in it's infinite wisdom, Google Robots have incorrectly guessed that my Motorcycle Picture of the Day Blog is a spam blog and locked it down.  Restoration period is supposed to take a few days.  Please be patient.  We'll be back up shortly.

1 comment:

Doug said...

About four years ago I had the same thing happen to my blog. Yeah, it's frustrating in the extreme. I contacted Blogger via the info on their Help forum and in about three days my blog was back.

Since then I back up each blog entry to my home computer so at least if it all goes in the toilet with Blogger I won't have lost all of my work.

I looked into switching to WordPress, which is what all the cool kids use, but I never really could grasp the code stuff that everyone else told me was so easy.

So I'm still with Blogger and they've left me in peace which means of course that they'll lock me down tomorrow or something.

I should probably look into WordPress again, maybe they've made it simpler for old farts like me.