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Sunday, January 2, 2011

There's a very good chance that all my blogs will be moving / be altered soon.

First off, Blogger leaves a LOT to be desired.  Yeah it's free but a lot of people are generating a lot of revenue for blogger/google with the content they generate.  they could at least have a simpler appeal process than the convoluted mess they came up with. 

Second, it's very possible that my Motorcycle Picture Of the Day Blog has been killed off.  I won't know for two more days at the earliest.  From a customer service standpoint they blow chunks.  This is just a hobby for me but I've done some research and been following message board threads where people who are legitimate businesses relying on blogger have had their accounts closed or locked the week before Christmas with no assistance in sight and lost a LOT of money.  Bloggers response is basically tough s#it.

Third, in the event that I do get my MCPOTD blog back I'm pretty sure that I will either self host as a dot com or dot net or at a minimum, move the entire thing to another blog host. If I move the other one,  I'll probably move this one as well.

I'm something of a technical noob with blogger who never thought he'd be this successful with either of these blogs so I'm at the point where I either let the google/blogger security bots keep on screwing around with me or find a way to maintain MUCH more control over my content and posting.  I like doing this so I'm probably going to go more independent.  It's also possible that I might go to a more E-Zine based format and combine the 2-stroke and MCPOTD blogs into one zine.  I'm sure this will cost so I "might" (I stress "might" )have to tighten things up on a copyright standpoint and sell some ads to offset costs.  Time will tell...

I have no idea how/when all this will play out so please be patient.  Even if I have to cough up a few $$ I will get this sorted out.

And hey if anyone has any advice on all of this I'm all ears!  Please clue me in.

Thanks for your patience!
Steve Ducharme


Nergalicious said...

I'd seriously look at Wordpress. There's a free option that contains the word Wordpress in the URL, but they'll host for something like $10 a year to remove the word from the URL. You can use the basic templates of which there are hundreds without having to mess with any code

zipidachimp said...

if I had a choice, Id copy the format of 'the' and run the ads down a narrow column on the right, allowing you to generate a small amount of cash to keep your site going. hurry and reserve the .com version of 'motorcycle picture of the day' site name.

I really love your site and it is a DAILY visit for me.