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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Update on MCPOTD site...

I've opened a Wordpress account under a very similar name.  Somebody already grabbed   go figure (bastards)...  so I grabbed

It's up but don't go there expecting anything special.  It's totally raw at the moment and I've only grabbed it as a backup in case I get dropped by blogger.  If they don't drop me I'll own the dot com name and I'll probably eventually switch over to it when I have time to do some more research as to how to better modify it.  So far it's ok(ish) but it's a pain in the arse for me since I currently do all of my storage over on google picassa and email on google and blogging on blogger (which is owned by google) etc etc..  So right now it's all tied together (which is smart on their part) and free (which is great for me)

So with Wordpress I'm not linked in to any of the Google stuff and probably won't be able to carry over all the historic posts and cross-links to photo's I already have stored..   Which sucks royally...

I have to admit.... It is pretty slick looking though
I'm swamped now so time will tell.

Opinions and advice all greatly appreciated so keep it coming!

Please stay tuned.


Doug said...

WordPress has an option to import blog entries from Blogger. Don't know how well it works but it can't hurt to try.

I looked at WP again tonight an it seems like if you want little options like being able to edit and save the main CSS you have to pay. And I never did figure out how to make the fonts change (and you have to pay extra if you use custom fonts and have too many page loads per month). Looks like they could nickle&dime a site until it's expensive.

Best of luck with the change over, don't blame you for doing it, will be interested to see and read how it goes.

FloridaSteve said...

You're right about the fees on Wordpress. I've already got $30 into it and I cant even edit my coce yet. That's another $14. Still, if they leave you alone then a few small ADS will make it back for you in no time. Just have to be super careful on copyright.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a free plug over on Hooniverse.