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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reader Rides that are long overdue!

Chris Sharon sent me these a WHILE back but in all the confusion of the MCPOTD disaster I forgot about them.  sorry bout that!
He writes in:

Here are my smokers
1971 AT1 Best little bike ever.

1975 DT400 Only 3000 miles not repainted
1975 S1 Very fast for a 250

1976 H1 This bike is currently apart with fresh paint and motor waiting for new body work and assembly
1976 Road Toad got it as a scrub and cleaned it up.

1978 RD400 Daytona special coming to my garage soon. 

that is my kind of collection!!  thanks Chris!  I actually had a picture of that black H1 saved somewhere.   I like what you've done with it a lot!  what kind of pipes are those you have on it?

1 comment:

750 Chris said...

Not sure what kind of pipes are on the H1 but they sound great. If anyone knows please chime in. I'll be looking for some chambers for the Daytona soon.