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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UPDATE: Tony Nicosia needs your help!!

Update:  Just got this e-mail from John who's running the show:

Hey Steve,
 great you are helping.
Keep it simple have them write their "tribute" and have them E mail them to me directly.
Just make sure they need to say what tony did for their motorcycling experience, I vote tony is not useable.
And their name and city/state.
Thanks John
PS have then put Tony Nicosia in the subject box....

Over on the Kawasaki Triples board John Aylor is spearheading a drive to get Tony Nicosia into the AMA Hall of fame and I want to do everything I can to help out. If you have a minute, they need folks to pop in over there and just leave a quick message that they support his nomination and think he should be entered.

For those of you who've never heard of him, Tony is THE man who put the early Kawasaki Triples on the map with a small truckload of dragracing records. And it doesn't hurt that he's a hell of a nice guy and is still a legend in the Triples and 2 stroke community. There seems to be a bias against dragracers getting in. I just got off the phone with Tony and he said that he'd love to be the guy that breaks the ice for more of them. And I couldn't agree more.

So if you've got a few minutes head over to the Kawasaki Triples board and go to this thread and follow the instructions on the very first post by JaaMoo.

When commenting pleas don't just say "I vote for Tony" That's not what they need to see. Just put something down like (but not exactly please):
I think Tony Nicoscia is a credit to the sport of motorcycling and would make a fine Hall of Fame recipient.His accomplishments speak for themselves, his skills as a rider are legendary, an he is always willing to help anyone interested in the sport of motorcycling.I can't believe he's not a HOF member already...

I really appreciate it and I know for a fact that Tony does too.

Here is the man himself "back in the day" lighting it up!


GOOD NOISE said...

Please post the pictures of Tony in the Klotz oil ad. A great shot!

GOOD NOISE said...

Please post the picture I think you have of Tony in the Klotz lube ad. A great shot!