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Monday, September 19, 2011

Reader ride. An unusual kovrovetc-minsk framed 175cc.

Valentin Voynov sends in this cool custom build. I confess that I don't know much about the ofiginal bike but I like hat he did with this. More proof that you don't need a deep pockets to build a cool bike. Hi this is my kovrovetc-minsk frame 175cc


voynov said...

i do excuse i am late )))
this is ussr motorcycle from 1950-1970
2 stroke engine 175 cc frome KOVROVETC 4 speed gear 10 hp 120kmh max speed
frame-MINSK(125 cc original engine)
i made one sits and drop fork
so we still have motorcycles like mine on all territoria of new russian
mostly in small towns and villages
they still works))))
actually all sovet motorcycles is german DKV, BMW... copys

this winter i build ural 650cc

voynov said...
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