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Monday, October 3, 2011

Reader rides! A trick S1 Tracker and an awesome find!

Aaron Pierson sends in a cool Street-tracker and an awesome H1R find.

He writes in: I think i sent you a few pics of my 75 kawasaki s1 street tracker in the past, but i wanted to show you my new 2stroke... Well i found a 1970 H1R with H1RA kit on it, all original except the paint, it had been stored in pieces in an attic for 30 years! i bought if from a really nice guy with a hell of alot of racing stories... heres some pics of it as well as my s1 tracker. the H1R is as i purchased it(only assembled). it will eventually get a full restore. 

REALLY great stuff! Pease keep us posted on the restoration!


aljellejay-r said...
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aljellejay-r said...

Amazing bikes. The yellow Yamaha is the coolest one for me. My uncle had a one like that but it's gone now, I wish I had it.

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